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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beginning of the Year

What a fun and hectic time for all those teachers out there getting ready to welcome students back to the first day of school!  I suppose some might call the preparation period before the kids arrive more hectic than fun...but what I wouldn't give for that kind of hecticness right now!

My life has been a different kind of hectic lately. The packing, driving across country, and unpacking kind of crazy! I have just moved to beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee with my amazing fiance!

The Dotmobile getting ready to be towed across county!

Unfortunately due to the timing of our move and an unfortunate incident with a Praxis score that was too old to be used, I wasn't able to get my TN license in time to get a full-time teaching job this year.
So instead of texting all my teacher friends and living vicariously through them I've decided to put my energy towards ramping up my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  (Okay, after some texting!)

I had big plans for creating a zillion resources for TpT over the summer!  And while I didn't get to everything (see: packing, driving across the country, and unpacking!), I got some products up that I really love!

The first is a standards based grade book complete with a standards organizer and intervention tracker.  I used something like this last year in a basic form.  It was hand created with lots of scribbled in lines and notes!  So over the summer I decided to create this dream for my teacher binder. With this you can track when you first teach a standard, when you assess, when you reteach and most importantly students who need further intervention in that standard.Everything in one place!  Hallelujah!  All of that is then complimented with fun, yet simple Standards-Based Grade Book! Click on any picture below to go check it out in my store!

The next has been a labor of love!  2 assessments for every single CCSS 2nd grade math standard!  After all my Child Study and IEP meetings this year (with one of the most amazing teams!) I learned one thing: never walk into a room to discuss a student without data!  One of the most important lessons I learned was the importance of tracking a student's rate of learning.  For this reason I have found it invaluable to give pre- and post-assessments in order to track how and if a student is learning the material.  These assessments also feature handy "I can..." statements for students, easy grading for teachers, a good range of open-ended questions to get at student thinking mixed with multiple choice questions to prepare them for standardized tests (yes in 2nd grade!) and an adorable student self-assessment to gauge their confidence.  Click on any picture below to go check them out in my store!


And who can start a year off without assessing where incoming students are?  For this I created this beginning of the year packet for those brand new 3rd graders! These pages are based on 2nd grade standards so a teacher can assess any gaps students are coming in with to best meet them where they are and fill those gaps in for the most productive 3rd grade year possible!  35 pages of fun writing, reading (phonics, alphabetization, etc.), and math pages are included! Click the picture below to check it out in my store.

And last but not least, I posted a fun reading log Freebie that was a big hit with my kiddos last year.  Yes, you read that correctly.  A FUN reading log!  I struggled so much last year with getting my kids to read at home and having parent support.  I believe reading at home through the young years to be THE KEY to future success.  I don't need the kiddos writing an essay or identifying vocabulary words at home (happy to do that in class!), I just need them reading.  One of my kids was taking karate so the karate themed reading log was born!  Hope you enjoy!

Happy teaching y'all!