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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I did it!  I finally broke down and signed up for ClassDojo. Yes, in April...with 8 weeks left in school!

First of all, a bit about ClassDojo. ClassDojo is an online classroom management tool to track student behaviors.  It is a great website where you can add your class(es) and customize the positive behaviors you want to reward as well as the behaviors that students need to work on.  Parents sign up for an account and can even download an app on their phone so they have daily feedback on their student's day!  Even the students can create their own account.  Parents, students, and teachers can look at and print out daily, weekly, and monthly reports. (And we all know how teachers are looking for data!)

I had been holding out on signing up for ClassDojo because I didn't think I would have sufficient parent involvement.  However, I recently received feedback from parents on our yearly school questionnaire that they want daily updates on their students' behavior.  So, I decided to give the people what they want!  I sent out the parents invites (all generated by the the ClassDojo website of course!) on Monday and by Wednesday night I have half of my class signed up!  ClassDojo allows the teacher to monitor when parents sign-up and log on as well as messages back and forth.

One of my favorite features is the customizable nature of the of the positive points and the areas that 'need work.'  I am not a fan of negative reinforcement, but I like that the parents and child know the areas that need work and can see their progress from week to week! Here are some of the positives and 'needs work' points I have added to my ClassDojo:


  • Bellwork
  • Respectful 
  • Responsible
  • Caring
  • Do Your Best
  • Empathy
  • Fairness
  • Self-Control

Needs Work

  • Dress Code Violation
  • Didn't Return Paper Signed
  • No Homework
  • No Homework Folder
  • Inappropriate Play at Recess
  • Poor Computer Lab Behavior
  • Stealing

In the three days since I've implemented ClassDojo in my class it has replaced two of my other incentive programs and has the kids so excited!  Two solid thumbs up from Ms. McNichols' class!

Now go to and check it out for yourself!

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